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The combined power of a group of things when they are working together. 

The concept of Synergy is representative of the way we approach triathlon and our coaching style at Synergy Triathlon Coaching. 



We believe that effective triathlon training is about a series of workouts, rather than any single workout. Training is cumulative, and results flow from the sum of an athletes workouts over the course of their training program or training block.   

While triathlon is an individual sport, and requires much motivation, hard work and determination by our athletes to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, from our own personal experience we have seen that the greatest outcomes can be achieved through the combined effect of a motivated individual, a structured training program with a passionate & dedicated coach & undertaking training with other athletes who share a common passion in an inclusive, supportive & fun environment.  


We also believe that achieving a balance between training and an athlete's work, family and other life commitments is so important for effective training outcomes, and our coaches take all of these factors into account when designing training programs for our athletes.  



We provide training programs and online coaching for athletes of all abilities and across all race distances.  

Whether you are a first-timer about to take on your first Sprint Distance triathlon or a seasoned age-grouper with goals to achieve a new PB or event to qualify for a World Championship event, we can provide a structured training program and online coaching to help you achieve your goals. 

 Synergy does not undertake squad training.  However, we are very lucky to partner with Wilston Grange Triathlon Club who run structured training sessions Monday - Friday should athletes wish to undertake some training sessions in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment.  See further below.

In our experience, undertaking training in a squad environment can bring many benefits for athletes.  Squad sessions are done under the watchful eye of a coach who can keep an eye on the technical side of your training. Squad sessions are fun & enjoyable, and training with others who have a similar passion is motivating, provides accountability & healthy competition, supportive & encouraging and often  great camaraderie develops among athletes. 



Our coaches are Accredited Triathlon Australia coaches.  They are experienced triathletes themselves and have many years of experience coaching athletes of all abilities across all triathlon race distances.

Stacey Van der Meulen


  • TA Accredited Development Coach
  • 2016 Ironman World Championship Finisher 
  • 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher
  • Podium finisher cross all race distances
  • Coached athletes to long course podiums and IM World Championship qualification
  • Coach at Wilston Grange Triathlon Club

Stacey is an experienced age group triathlete.  Coming from a running background, Stacey took up the sport of triathlon after having children.  Stacey coaches athletes of all ages and abilities from first timers taking on their first Sprint distance to seasoned age-groupers who have completed multiple Ironman races.  

Stacey has a passion for triathlon & gets great enjoyment from coaching and being able to assist her athletes achieve their race goals, whatever they may be.  

Hayley Stevenson


  • TA Accredited Development Coach
  • 7 time IM finisher -  Australia and Europe
  • Coached athletes to ITU Age Group World Championships, 70.3 World Championships & IM World Championships 
  • Head Coach at Wilston Grange Triathlon Club

Hayley is an experienced age group triathlete, and has been the Head Coach at Wilston Grange Triathlon Club since 2013.  She has extensive experience designing training programs and training sessions for athletes of all abilities and across all race distances. 

Hayley joined the sport of triathlon in 2004 to get back into shape after the birth of her children and since then has successfully competed in numerous Sprint distance, Olympic distance, 70.3 races and an Ironman Triathlon at the age of 39…and in the process lost 17kgs and discovered how much fun training for fitness can be! Also possessing a psychology degree, Hayley is able to support athletes to develop appropriate goals and motivate them to train consistently to achieve these goals.


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